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Your Source for Training and Reference Materials in Less-Commonly Taught Languages

Welcome to Dunwoody Press!

We are committed to publishing and fostering research in the less-commonly taught languages. As you browse our catalog you will find more than 200 publications that describe in 97 languages. Our primary focus is languages of

  • Africa,
  • Asia,
  • Central Europe, and
  • the Middle East.

Our products are developed for both the language learner and the language professional.

● Language learners will be especially interested in using our readers that feature authentic native language texts at the ILR (Interagency Language Roundtable) Level 2-3+, English translations, vocabularies, notes, and glossaries. Our textbooks have been rigorously tested in actual classroom usage and can be used with or without an instructor. Most of our publications also include basic grammatical descriptions of the source language.

● Advanced learners will benefit from our parallel texts and advanced readers that include native texts at ILR Levels 3 and above. Our reference grammars present detailed and learner-friendly analyses thus helping to refine one's understanding of the source language.

● Language professional will find our general language bilingual dictionaries and scientific and technical glossaries ideally suited to their research and translation needs. Our reference works are developed from source-language corpora and feature authentic examples of usage.

Forthcoming Publications
▶ Cambodian-English Dictionary, Second Edition
▶ Advanced Iraqi Arabic Reader
▶ Advanced Persian Reader

2014 Publications
♦ Badinan Kurmanji Reader
♦ Advanced Georgian Reader
♦ Maguindanaon Reader
♦ Daryab Pashto Glossary
♦ Advanced Tagalog Reader

2013 Publications
♦ Dictionary of Bosnian Islamic Terms
♦ Chinese-English Information Technology Glossary, Third Edition
♦ Spoken Iraqi Arabic
♦ Russian for Advanced Students
♦ Uyghur-English Dictionary
♦ Uzbek Verbs: Grammar and Usage

2012 Publications
♦ Jirga, A Pashto Cultural Reader
♦ Kurdish in Use: Colloquial Kurmanji
♦ Kurdish in Use: Colloquial Sorani
♦ Persian Grammar and Verbs
♦ Punjabi Colloquial Reader: Conversations in Lahori, Pothohari, and Saraiki
♦ Punjabi-English Dictionary
♦ Urdu Islamic Reader

2011 Publications
♦ Kyrgyz-English Dictionary, Second Edition
♦ Tausug Reader
♦ Comprehensive Uzbek-English Dictionary

2010 Publications
♦ Balochi Reader
♦ Bulgarian-English Slang Dictionary
♦ A Modern Dari Grammar
♦ Spoken Dari
♦ North Korean Reader
♦ Persian Reading and Writing
♦ Russian-English Dictionary of Islamic Terms

2009 Publications
♦ Afar-English Dictionary
♦ Bengali-English English-Bengali Computer Science Glossary
♦ Bulgarian Verbs
♦ Chavacano Reader
♦ Chechen Reader
♦ Dari-English Dictionary, First Edition
♦ Dari-English Dictionary, First Edition (PDF on CD-ROM) (Not available for sale)
♦ Hindi-English English-Hindi Biotechnology Glossary
♦ Advanced Kurmanji Reader
♦ Maranao Dialogs and Drills
♦ Maranao Reader
♦ Maguindanao Grammar Supplement
♦ Maguindanaon Dialogs and Drills
♦ A Basic Ndebele Grammar
♦ Pashto-English Dictionary, First Edition
♦ Pashto-English Dictionary, First Edition (PDF on CD-ROM) (Not available for sale)
♦ Learn Shona with Us!
♦ A Handbook of Tamil Verbal Conjugation
♦ Fifty Nasreddin Hodja Stories
♦ Urdu-English English-Urdu Biotechnology Glossary
♦ Uyghur Reader, 1st Edition, 2nd Impression

2008 Publications
♦ Akan Newspaper Reader
♦ Gulf Arabic: The Dialects of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Oman
♦ A Dictionary of Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian-English False Cognates
♦ The Georgian Verb: A Morphosyntactic Analysis
♦ Gheg Albanian Reader
♦ Spoken Hassaniya Arabic
♦ Modern Hindi Grammar
♦ Kashmiri Newspaper Reader
♦ Luganda Reader
♦ Minnan-English Dictionary
♦ Persian Listening
♦ Sindhi Newspaper Reader
♦ Basic Sorani Grammar
♦ Sorani Kurdish Reader
♦ Tatar Islamic Texts
♦ Advanced Urdu Reader
♦ A New Vietnamese-English Dictionary

2007 Publications
♦ A Comparative Reference Grammar of Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian
♦ Bengali-English English-Bengali Biotechnology Glossary
♦ Bulgarian Reader
♦ Advanced Haitian-Creole Reader
♦ Popular Islamic Literature in Kazakhstan
♦ Kinyarwanda and Kirundi Comparative Grammar
♦ Korean Newspaper Reader
♦ Kurmanji Kurdish Reader
♦ Persian Vocabulary Acquisition, Second Edition Revised
♦ Punjabi Newspaper Reader
♦ Russian-English English-Russian Biotechnology Glossary
♦ Translating Newspaper Thai into English
♦ Basic Turkmen: Textbook
♦ Basic Turkmen: Transcripts, Structures, Glossary
♦ Uyghur Reader

2006 Publications
♦ Arabic-English English-Arabic Biotechnology Glossary
♦ Disaster Preparedness Glossary Arabic-English English-Arabic
♦ Chinese-English English-Chinese Biotechnology Glossary
♦ English-Afar Dictionary
♦ A Course in Modern Geg Albanian
♦ Gujarati Newspaper Reader
♦ Kannada Newspaper Reader
♦ Modern Kashmiri Grammar
♦ Kazakh Verbal Structures and Descriptive Verbs
♦ Korean-English English-Korean Biotechnology Glossary
♦ A Handbook of Pashto Verbal Conjugation
♦ Persian-English English-Persian Biotechnology Glossary
♦ Intensive Tausug
♦ Telugu Newspaper Reader
♦ Uzbek Islamic Debates: Texts, Translations, and Commentary Ecommerce Web Sites