Buying Stocks Online – Analysis of Services and Platforms

Emerging internet trends have pushed daily lives to not only use but also rely on conducting their activities online; from businesses, communication and trading in the stock markets. Previously, people went to the securities exchange offices or call; hire a broker to trade stocks at a fixed price; this being a very tedious and time-consuming process. This has changed due to the rapid changes in technology, to now people being able to buy stocks online with the real time prices. The online buying of stock is through online brokerages.

Buying Stocks Online requires the buyer to have an online broker that is similar to a human broker. Selecting an online broker is a careful process because he/she will handle one’s money in a similar way as the investor wants. The online broker will conduct the buying of stock and manage the money in an account. The few things to gauge when looking for a broker are:

If you need help or if you are an expert in trading Amount of money being invested Security of the firm How often are you trading

Keynote.com rates online brokerages based on their record of accomplishment, and the services offered by each of the sites. Some of the sites offer other additional services in addition to the trading while others offer just trading.


How to Online Trade

For someone to be able to buy stocks online, there are a few steps through which one has to pass through before allowance to participate in the trading of stocks in the market. The following steps are:

Create an account

The first step in online trading is creating an account through which the online broker is able to trade in the stock market with. This is through filling in information in the brokerage site; information both financial and personal. The information helps track tax reports concerning the investments. There are also some questions asked through the site to gauge if one is of adequate resource and qualification to operate the account, depending if it is a personal account or a joint account.

Deposit Funds

The next step is to deposit funds to the account that will involve the one trading to select the amount suitable for him/her to place. Some brokerage sites have limits to which you are not able to add more funds.

Identify the market quotes

Market quotes are the prices that reflect the stock prices in the market. The market quotes can be in real time or delayed quotes. Real time quotes reflect the market prices as they are changing while as delayed quotes offer information few minutes later than the current time. Depending on the brokerage, different sites offer both or just delayed quotes.

Place the order

There are two types of orders: market and limit orders. Market orders reflect the current price and trading goes through immediately. On the other hand, limit orders depending on the price that you set, decide the activity in the market when the market prices will reach that limit. In limit orders, if the price reaches a high price, the stocks will trade but if they fall to a certain limit, the stocks will not trade.



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