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Sample Pages of Some Dunwoody Press Publications

Afar-English Dictionary (published in 2009)

Akan Newspaper Reader (published in 2008)

Albanian-English Military Dictionary (published in 2000)

Geg Albanian Reader (published in 2008)

A Course in Modern Geg Albanian (published in 2006)

Arabic-English English-Arabic Biotechnology Glossary (published in 2006)

Gulf Arabic: The Dialects of Riyadh and Eastern Saudi Arabia (published in 2004)

Gulf Arabic: The Dialects of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Oman (published in 2008)

Azerbaijani-English Parallel Text, Second Edition (published in 2000)

Balochi Reader (published in 2010)

Bengali-English English-Bengali Biotechnology Glossary (published in 2007)

Dictionary of Bosnian Islamic Terms (published in 2013)

Bulgarian-English Slang Dictionary (published in 2010)

Bulgarian Reader (published in 2007)

Bulgarian Verbs (published in 2009)

Cambodian Intensive Basic Course, 5 volumes (published in 1998)

Chavacano Reader (published in 2009)

Chechen Reader (published in 2009)

Chinese-English English-Chinese Biotechnology Glossary (published in 2006)

Chinese-English English-Chinese Information Technology Glossary, Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged (published in 2005)

Dari-English Dictionary, First Edition (published in 2009)

A Modern Dari Grammar (published in 2010)

Spoken Dari (published in 2010)

Disaster Preparedness Glossary, Arabic-English English-Arabic (published in 2006)

Disaster Preparedness Glossary, Turkish-English English-Turkish (published in 2004)

Disaster Preparedness Glossary, Uzbek-English English-Uzbek (published in 2005)

English-Afar Dictionary (published in 2006)

Fuzhou Phonology and Grammar (published in 2002)

Georgian-English Dictionary (published in 2002)

Gujarati Newspaper Reader (published in 2006)

Advanced Haitian-Creole Reader (published in 2007)

Haitian Creole-English Dictionary (published in 1993)

Hindi-English English-Hindi Biotechnology Glossary (published in 2009)

Modern Hindi Grammar (published in 2008)

Kannada Newspaper Reader (published in 2006)

Modern Kashmiri Grammar (published in 2006)

Kazakh Textbook: Beginning and Intermediate (published in 2002)

Kazakh Verbal Structures and Descriptive Verbs (published in 2006)

Popular Islamic Literatures in Kazakhstan (published in 2007)

Kinyarwanda and Kirundi Comparative Grammar (published in 2007)

Korean-English English-Korean Biotechnology Glossary (published in 2006)

Korean Newspaper Reader (published in 2007)

North Korean Reader (published in 2010)

Advanced Kurmanji Reader (published in 2009)

Kurmanji Kurdish Reader (published in 2007)

Kyrgyz-English Dictionary, Second Edition (published in 2011)

Spoken Libyan Arabic (published in 2004)

Luganda Reader (published in 2004)

Maranao Dialogs and Drills (published in 2009)

Maranao Reader (published in 2009)

Maguindanao Grammar Supplement (published in 2009)

Maguindanaon Dialogs and Drills (published in 2009)

Minnan-English Dictionary (published in 2008)

A Basic Ndebele Grammar (published in 2009)

Jirga, a Pashto Cultural Reader (published in 2012)

Pashto-English Dictionary, First Edition (published in 2009)

A Handbook of Pashto Verbal Conjugation (published in 2006)

Persian-English English-Persian Biotechnology Glossary (published in 2006)

Persian Fiction Reader, Second Edition (published in 2003)

Persian Reading and Writing (published in 2010)

Punjabi-English Dictionary (published in 2012)

Punjabi Newspaper Reader (published in 2007)

Russian-English English-Russian Biotechnology Glossary (published in 2007)

Russian-English Dictionary of Islamic Terms (published in 2010)

Rwanda and Rundi (Ikinyarwanda – Ikirundi) Newspaper Reader (published in 2002)

SerboCroatian-English Military Dictionary (published in 2002)

Comparative Reference Grammar of Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian (published in 2007)

Dictionary of Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian - English False Cognates (published in 2008)

Dictionary of Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian New Words (published in 2002)

Shanghai Common Expression, Second Edition (published in 2002)

Somali-English Dictionary, Third Edition (published in 1993)

Sorani Kurdish Reader (published in 2008)

Spoken Sudanese Arabic: Grammar, Dialogues, and Glossary (published in 2002)

A Handbook of Tamil Verbal Conjugation (published in 2009)

Tartar Islamic Texts (published in 2008)

Intensive Tausug (published in 2006)

Tausug Reader (published in 2011)

Telugu Newspaper Reader (published in 2005)

Tibetan-English Dictionary of New Words (published in 2001)

Tigrinya Reader and Grammar (published in 2001)

101 Turkish Idiomatic Expressions (published in 2004)

Fifty Nasreddin Hodja Stories (published in 2009)

Advanced Urdu Reader (published in 2008)

Uyghur Reader (published in 2009)

Comprehensive Uzbek-English Dictionary (published in 2011)

Uzbek Islamic Debates: Texts, Translations, and Commentary (published in 2006)

Uzbek Textbook, 2 volumes (published in 2002)

A New Vietnamese-English Dictionary (published in 2008)

Vietnamese Intensive Basic Course, 3 volumes (published in 2002)

Xhosa Newspaper Reader and Lexicon (published in 2002)

Zulu Newspaper Reader (published in 2004) Ecommerce Web Sites