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Kinyarwanda and Kirundi Comparative Grammar
Author: R. David Zorc and Louise Nibagwire
ISBN: 978-1-931546-32-4
Year Published: 2007
Detail: 396 pages
Rwanda /ikinyarwaanda/ and Rundi /ikiru˙ndi/ are the primary and national languages of Rwanda and Burundi, respectively. Both are co-members of a chain of dialects within a northern subgroup of the Bantu language family. Since there are other dialects in each country, some of which are quite divergent, the term Rwanda here refers to the dialect of the greater Kigali area, while Rundi to that of Bujumbura.

This grammar includes the following chapters: 1. Overview of Bantu Grammar; 2. The Sound System; 3. Nouns; 4. Pronouns; 5. Demonstrative Pronouns (Deictics); 6. Adjectives & Other Descriptives; 7. Numerals (Number Systems) & Enumeration; 8. Verb Conjugations; 9. Negative; 10. Auxiliary Verbs; 11. Adverb; 12. Conjunctions and Coordination; 13. Interrogatives and Question Words; 14. Interjections; 15. Ideophones; 16. Word Order; and 17. Index of Grammatical Terminology

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