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Spoken Sudanese Arabic: Grammar, Dialogues, and Glossary
Author: Elizabeth M. Bergman
ISBN: 1-881265-92-7
Year Published: 2002
Detail: 393 Pages
This is the first book-length treatment of Spoken Sudanese Arabic for English speakers since 1979. The book opens with a grammar sketch which describes sounds, word-building, phrase and sentence structure, and discourse in Sudanese Arabic. The teaching dialogues are transcribed from authentic audio and video recordings made by first-language speakers of Sudanese Arabic. Each dialogue is followed by a glossary of words and phrases from the dialogue and by comprehensive notes that explain linguistic and cultural features. The focus of this work is listening comprehension and is designed for use by intermediate-level learners of Arabic who are familiar with Modern Standard Arabic and at least one other dialect of spoken Arabic. Learners at other levels as well as researchers with an interest in Arabic dialects will also find this work useful.

1 audio CD included.

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